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For over 35 years, CommunityPC © has produced software tools dedicated to gear manufacturing world-wide. The goal of Meshing with Gears © is to provide a source of practical technical information useful to the gear industry, and to provide a forum to discuss gearing topics. There is a huge reservoir of personal experience and knowledge about gear design and manufacturing. We want to make it easier to share that knowledge.

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Discussion Forum Visit and read gear topics of interest. Feel free to ask or answer questions related to gear topics. If you are just starting out, or retired, or anywhere in between - your questions and experience are very welcome here.
Frequently Asked questions References, Suggestions, tools and topics about gear manufacturing... In a Question and Answer format.
Gear Services
Find gear manufacturers and services in your area or around the world - List your company, too!
Post your company description, logo, and equipment list. This is more than a web link. It's a complete DIY company profile. And it's Free!
The Buy/Sell page displays equipment, open machine time and job opportunities that are posted by gear shops down the street and around the world. It's Do-It-Yourself and free, so why wait? Do it today - it's so easy!
Gear Machine Setup Software You can get free demos of CPC software for your Gleason straight and spiral bevel gear generators ( 2A, 7, 7A, 12, 14, 16, 24, 26, 102, 104, 114 & 116), and all types of gear hobbing and thread milling equipment. Check out gear tooling for your PC!
CPC Software
Users of CPC software! Visit the upgrade page for the latest updates. You can always get the most up-to-date version and easy installation instructions at the Update page - and your activation key will always work!
Articles submitted
by Gear Shops
Detailed articles written by experienced gear shop folks complete with pictures. These articles deal with varied subjects that are sure to interest newbies and old hands alike.
Want to help us decide on future software development? Want to see a new feature on this site? Then send your suggestions to: or visit the Discussion Forum and post your comments - your participation makes all the difference!

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We are grateful to all of the contributors who made life easier, and whose skill, dedication, and inspiration continue to make new things possible.

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