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Software Demos and Activation Instructions

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Ordering gear manufacturing software for your PC just got easier, thanks to Ash Gear and Supply Corp. 42650 Nine Mile Road Novi, Michigan USA. Ash Gear and Supply is sole distributor for all software shown on this website.

Easy? You bet. First, select demos of the software suited to your needs. Read about each product's features from the free download page. After filling out the request, you will receive an E-mail describing how to download each demo package.

After exploring the software on your computer, contact Ash Gear and Supply 1-(248) 374-6155 to purchase a license and an activation key. As soon as you type in your new activation key, you'll be running your own machine setups!

If the context-sensitive help screens don't answer all your questions, E-mail at Community PC, or at Ash Gear & Supply.

To discuss an order, please contact by Phone 1-(248) 374-6155 or FAX 1-(248) 374-6255.

To recap: when you're ready to purchase a user license, follow these steps to order:

Be sure to install the demo on the computer you plan to use. This is important since the license will work only on that machine. You may request up to five keys for five different computers, all for the price of one license. Start the demo on your computer and select READ & ACTIVATE from the menu. Read the license agreement and select I AGREE at the license screen bottom. Record the ID Number appearing on the registration screen. ID number is displayed after accepting the demo's license agreement. This ID number must be sent to Ash Gear so that an activation key can be generated. Enter the activation key that you receive from Ash Gear and your demo will be fully functional. You will immediately be able to create your own fast and accurate setups.

Information that you give us is for our records only. Your name will not be passed to any mailing list.

If you would like to see us develop software for machines not listed here, please let Scott or myself know. Several Gleason machine summary packages are in the works now. Your needs may be closer to a solution than you think.