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provides machine setup software (the CPC series) to meet the needs of gear shops, both large and small. Our mission is two-fold: (1) to sponsor and supply useful internet resources and (2) to develop and provide software products and services at reasonable costs to gear shops everywhere.

It is exciting to realize that shops with older equipment enjoy many of the same advantages that modern CNC equipment offers. Our products are helping to bring the power of the PC to the shop floor. No wonder we're excited!

Community PC began in 1975 with the introduction of a program that computed change gear sets for non-differential gear hobs. That simple program has grown into a complete solution for all types of differential and non-differential gear hobbing equipment. CPC-HOB is now in over 60 gear shops around the USA.

Many independent gear shops were begun by tenacious individuals with uncommon skills. Bill Simpson Sr began his life's vocation in 1948 by starting KMMW Inc, a North Carolina gear shop.

I grew up in the family business. He taught me much about business and the practice of gear cutting. And long before the first Fortune 500 company sloganized "we listen", he was listening. So if I learned anything, I hope it was his sense of business values, ethics and intuition. Thanks Dad.

I want to acknowledge the contribution of one other person to whom I owe much. I appreciate his generosity, wealth of experience, wisdom and patience, but to publicly recognize him here might disadvantage him in his present situation. He knows who he is, so enough said.

Special thanks go to J.J. Digh for showing me hobbing calculations up close, Mark Patridge at Industrial Sprockets for his patience during field tests on two bevel gear programs, to Jason Dembosky at BVR Aero for his assistance with the 2A bevel program, and to Scott Atkinson for product sales and support at Ash Gear & Supply. To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, "I could not see so far but that I stand on the shoulders of giants."

I hope you will join us in making this site interesting and informative. Please send a note and let me know what you think. If you see a need for a software product or setup service specific to other equipment or gear summary methods, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Bill Simpson

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