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Posted by Jim Pollock on October 25, 2009 at 21:08:42:

I posted a while back about having a lot of backlash at the flywheel on my hobber. It was causing the hobbed teeth to have scallops in them. I had found that the flywheel was loose and I fixed that but it still had about an inch of backlash at the od of the flywheel. So I took it all apart today and there was a bevel gear under the hobslide was also loose on its shaft. I am going to re key it on the other side and maybe loctite the retaining nut to keep it from loosening up again.

My question is that there are two sets of these bevel gears under the hobslide and they also have a small amount of backlash. I didn't check them yet but I would say that they have about .010" on each set. They have hardened steel thrust washers behind each gear and I am wondering if it would be worth my time to make new hardened washers that are slightly thicker to take the backlash out.

Also, my hobslide has a tapered gib on the right side where it moves back and forth for hob shift. It appears to me that this is only there to adjust the backlash between the gears on the hob spindle and the shaft that has the flywheel. How tight should I make the backlash between these two shafts?

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