Problems with downloading software

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Posted by BillS on December 15, 2014 at 12:34:12:

Hi All,
When it rains, it pours...

Behavior of Antivirus and email servers has been radically changed over the last year to affect the normal download or transfer of software. That is to say, there is no normal transfer of installers using the .EXE file extension. Some email services (Gmail, Hotmail, and likely others) are rejecting emails containing either attached installers or download links to installers where filenames end in .EXE.

Emails and files are deleted on filename extension alone and the rationale is that most hackers use .EXE files to send their trash and malware. I suspect that the other part of the rationale is that it is easier/faster/cheaper to delete based on extensions rather than scanning each program for potential malware.

Even if delivered, your AV software will probably reject downloads (or email attachments) ending in .EXE.

These rejections don't involve virus or malware. These rejections only look at the filename extension "EXE".

Seems that installers that create .EXE files are "hosed" and ZIP files are similarly affected.

As of this writing, the only "fix" is a work-around where email servers and AV treat the files are images. This works when
renaming an executable file with extension .JPG .

That is the plan for now - i.e. I'll send you email attachments or download links that are expected to reliably reach you.

I'm still looking for a method that makes more sense. But until then, I can send you attachments using .JPG extensions since most folks use Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

After you either download the attachment or click the link, the installation file must be renamed back to .EXE extension before double-clicking it to begin the installation.

If anyone has investigated this download problem and has found a more enduring solution that doesn't require renaming, please let me know. This "solution" seems temporary at best.

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