Discussion Forum Policy

Community PC and Meshing With Gears
This is the complete statement of policy for Meshing with Gears Discussion Forum.

Purpose and Intent of Policy:
The purpose and intent of the Meshing with Gears Discussion Forum is to provide a place for questions regarding gear and gear manufacturing topics, and to enable contributors to answer or discuss the questions posted. The effort applied in moderating this site benefits everyone by protecting the Forum from junk Email, spamming, and commercial advertising. Protecting any forum requires diligent review beyond the minimal internet standards applied to Email.

What the forum is for:
If a company or individual responds to a question in a substantive way, and describes their product or service as a potential solution or contribution specific to the question posted, then the posting will be considered as appropriate by the forum's reviewers. There are a number of good examples on the forum.

What the forum is not for:
The Forum is not for advertising products or services. Advertising is available to companies and individuals through the Gear Services Page which showcases facility lists, special services, and contact information. Also available is the Buy/Sell page. These services are free of charge but require a user password-protected account. Listing your company is simply done by going to one of the two pages mentioned and filling out an account request.

If a forum posting (original or response) is considered advertising in the opinion of the reviewer, i.e. bears no direct relationship to a posted question, then the posting will be removed. If a question/answer combination are posted to circumvent this policy, both will be removed.

A posting that involves obscenity, profanity, inflammatory or other objectionable content will be removed at the discretion of the reviewer.

Future decisions:
This policy is intended to defend the forum from spamming and all commercial advertising. Spammers and advertisers are constantly revising techniques to get products in front of millions of eyes. That's everyone's privilege in a free enterprise system, and the internet is almost a pure expression of free enterprise. Therefore, Community PC reserves the right to revise this policy at any time and to rely on the discretion of our reviewers to remove objectionable content.

Moderated Forums are good, right?

So please enjoy the Forum, and post your questions and answers. Feel free to post any topic of design or production that deals with components used in power transmission. And post your comments regarding our policy in particular or Meshing With Gears in general.